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This is an artwork that I did specially for Taipei Toy Festival 2013 (2013台北國際玩具創作大展). The inspiration comes from this year’s TTF theme “Alice Returns to Toyland” (Alice in Wonderland). Hope you like it ^-^ 这个作品是为了2013台北國際玩具創作大展 (TTF2013) 画的。灵感是来自今年的TTF主题“爱丽丝返回玩具城”(爱丽丝梦游仙境)。希望你喜欢 ^ – ^

Hello blue sky ^-^

01 Jul 2013, Posted by wu_ziqi in Life

Hello blue sky ^-^ After so many days of haze, finally we have blue sky! 蓝天你好 ^-^ 经过这么多天的烟霾,终于有蓝天了!   Here is another version.

Raining ice kachang

26 Jun 2013, Posted by wu_ziqi in Life

It’s raining hail! But I prefer raining ice kachang!!! 下冰雹了! 但我比较喜欢下刨冰!!!

haze haze haze….

20 Jun 2013, Posted by wu_ziqi in Life

The haze here is getting worse…. Please take care of your health everyone. At least now, QiQi and friends look more like monsters with their gas masks on! 这里的烟霾越来越糟糕…. 请大家照顾自己的健康。 至少现在奇奇和他的朋友, 穿著防毒面具, 看起来更像怪物!

QiQi have been nominated for Best Vinyl and Fan Favorite in the 3rd Annual Designer Toy Awards. Thank you Clutter and everyone who loves QiQi. Please continue to give your support by voting at You can vote once every 24 hours.   QiQi nominated…

hot hot hot….

14 Jun 2013, Posted by wu_ziqi in Life

It’s so hot these few days. I think I am melting…. +_+ 这几天这么热。我觉得我快融化了…. +_+