Monster Little – Ziqi | Design


Monster Little – Ziqi LINE stickers are finally approved! I am super happy 😀 You can buy them through this link ““. You can also search for “ziqi” or “monster little” at ““. Monster Little – Ziqi LINE 貼紙終於被批准了! 我超開心 😀 你可以通過這個網址購買 ““. 你也可以通過這個網址 “” 搜索 “ziqi”…

This is an artwork that I did specially for Taipei Toy Festival 2013 (2013台北國際玩具創作大展). The inspiration comes from this year’s TTF theme “Alice Returns to Toyland” (Alice in Wonderland). Hope you like it ^-^ 这个作品是为了2013台北國際玩具創作大展 (TTF2013) 画的。灵感是来自今年的TTF主题“爱丽丝返回玩具城”(爱丽丝梦游仙境)。希望你喜欢 ^ – ^