Monster Little – Ziqi | 2013 July

July 2013

Thank You Taiwan! 台灣謝謝你!

22 Jul 2013, Posted by wu_ziqi in Festival, Friends, Life

Thank you Taiwan! I am so happy to meet so many new friends, artists and fans! Hope we will meet again soon ^ _ ^ 謝謝你,台灣!我很高興能遇見這麼多的新朋友,畫家和 Monster Little 迷!希望我們很快會再見面 ^ _ ^

This is an artwork that I did specially for Taipei Toy Festival 2013 (2013台北國際玩具創作大展). The inspiration comes from this year’s TTF theme “Alice Returns to Toyland” (Alice in Wonderland). Hope you like it ^-^ 这个作品是为了2013台北國際玩具創作大展 (TTF2013) 画的。灵感是来自今年的TTF主题“爱丽丝返回玩具城”(爱丽丝梦游仙境)。希望你喜欢 ^ – ^

Hello blue sky ^-^

01 Jul 2013, Posted by wu_ziqi in Life

Hello blue sky ^-^ After so many days of haze, finally we have blue sky! 蓝天你好 ^-^ 经过这么多天的烟霾,终于有蓝天了!   Here is another version.